Great emphasis is given to promote Physical Education in our ITI. A Sound Mind IN a Sound Body - Keeping this saying in mind we have provided facilities to the students to play major games like Cricket, Volley ball, ball badminton, Shuttle and Foot ball.

Achievements in sports

Our ITI has recorded outstanding achievements in sports and Games, Some of them are

Regional level: 100m , 200m, 400m Running, Short put, 1500m Running during the year 2008 & 2010.

State Level: Ball Badminton

Extra - Curricular Activities

Cultural Programme, Karate demonstration and pyramids.


Std I - II : Karate, Dance, Classical Music, Paper Craft.

Std III - IV : Karate, Roller Skating, Dance, Paper Craft, Percussion Instruments, Key board.

Std V- VIII : Karate, Roller Skating, Guitar, Cookery, Percussion Instruments, Drama, Key board