Electrician Trade

The department has highly qualified and experienced facility members. Many of the members are industrial trained. The Laboratory is flooded with different types of DC/AC motors and generators. Three phase Alternators, single phase and three phase induction motors single phase and three phase transformers / Auto transformers, special machines, measuring instruments, transformers and electronics instruments are all available in plenty in our laboratory.


These are erected in a sophisticated manner. 100% safety measures are taken. We are maintaining all equipments in working condition for giving training to the Students without any interruption. In addition to our student got training in our DSCL factory at Dharani nagar


Our modern lab helps the students to face the competitive world successfully. Training for students in Motor Rewinding section is a regular feature. In addition, the department develops personal skills of the Electrical students. All the students are advised to get B-License from the Secretary,TNEB,Chennai. For authorized license holder.

Fitter Trade

This department gives extreme training to the students in various lathes, special machines, Grinding machines, foundry and welding as per NVCT norms.


All the Machineries are modern and highly precious. The students are getting training in the Factory atmospheric condition.


This trade undertakes other works like design and fabrication of grill works and truss work where the students are involved. and also got trained in CNC MILLING TRAINING AND LATHE WORK.

Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) Trade

The MMV trade has established from 1996 and producing 400 technicians.

To explore technique and frame work to make teaching learning process more interesting and fruitful learning skill workshop.


To reinforce the training we have fully equipped labs with automobile maintenance equipments , Automobile spare parts, car washer unit, all types of two wheelers, Four wheelers, Jeep, Van, Car, Heavy vehicles, Heavy Duty Air Compressors, And also this Laboratory is having all facilities, like automobile Industry, Service station etc.

The basic skill training in carpentry , sheet metal work. Welding and fitting are imparted through workshop practice.

Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) Trade

This trade has full fledged machineries equipped with latest equipments. To in force the training we have fully equipped labs with Refrigerators, Air Coolers, Window A.C, Bottle cooler Deep FREEZER, Milk cooler, Cone Ice Machine and Display Case. Cold Storage Plant, White ice plant, Scaling split A.C, and CAR A.C.

Driver cum Mechanic Trade

This trade has full fledged machineries equipped with all facilities, like automobile Industry, Service station, Pollution Testing centre. In this course we are giving driving practice and how to rectify the defects in automobile vehicle. And also to teach how to safety riding and follow the traffic rules. All the students of in this trade to know how to test pollution of vehicle for diesel and petrol vehicle through our modernized pollution testing machine.

Plumber Trade

This Department has spacious and full fledged machineries equipped well for getting training individually. The faculty of this trade has extensive field and design experience.

Our Plumber trade students are trained in our Sugar Factory in the Steam line, Drinking water line, modern sanitary fittings, Masonry , Carpentry, gas welding, pipe line and pipe fittings. It will help the students to get full confidence to face the latest technology.