An incredible impasse in the mind of our students in a lot and lot of inhibitions and complex. They feel shy thinking that others will laugh if they speak in English. They worry if they commit mistake while talking in English. Proper counseling and encouragement on the part of staff members will enable them to come out of their shells. For the desperate and dispirited mind the words like "Nothing is impossible". We could not know what we cannot until we try will surely perform the wonders of instant energy giving tonic and propel them forward transforming all the stumbling block on their way into the stepping stones.


To acquire fluency, a healthy competitive spirit should be prompted among the students. A conducive atmosphere like group discursions, seminars, debate, dramatizations, turn-coat etc. Will definitely develop the speaking ability of our pupils. Whatever may be the remedial steps and however affective the guidance and recourses may be, all those things will of some use when the utilizes come forward to use and be benefited by them.